School Board Notes 11/12/18

Kindergarten: We had a room full of beautiful people as we entertained the Grandparents. A very special time enjoyed by all! We acted for them, sang for them, and gave them each a handmade book mark! We have been practicing since Sept. for this weeks K-2 Christmas Program. If you can make it to one of the shows… it’s guaranteed you will leave knowing the Savior…oh and bring tissues! I cry every time I see it! The Christmas Program is Wed. @ 2 (Public) and Thursday @ 2 & 7.

1st Grade: Science- Animals and living and nonliving things; Religion- Jesus is our Savior, love others like Jesus, Jesus is God’s father and Joseph is Jesus’ foster father

2nd Grade: There is sooo much going on in Second grade! We read the book Dem Bones and made skeletons. We read Leaf Man and created leaf creatures. We are a week away from receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation so we have been preparing intensely. We are also a week away from performing our Christmas Program so we have been practicing a great deal for that too!

4th Grade: The 4th grade is studying all about Ohio during the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War. Students learned about Native Americans who lived in Ohio, and have completed research on a group of their choice. They then created a project- wigwams, mounds, posters, wampum, etc., depicting aspects of their group. In Science, we are studying about the earth- the water cycle, weathering and erosion, earthquakes, and volcanoes. Students participated in experiments with building basketball towers (from our engineering unit) and water bottle flipping. We wrote spooky book reviews about a book we read during the school year. Students used newspapers to clip out proper and common nouns as part of our noun unit. For Math, we are beginning multiplication! Soon we will be multiplying 234 x 7 and 34 x 56! We just need to memorize our facts!

5th Grade: In Math we are learning how to multiply decimals with whole numbers as well as multiplying decimals with other decimals. We have found the product by using models, using the Associative and Commutative properties, and the basic multiplication. In Science, we are wrapping up our unit on the Solar System and the Universe. We are getting ready to start researching the planets and making a brochure to ‘advertise’ their planet as a possible vacation destination spot. The students will share their findings and interesting facts to attract other ‘vacationers.’ We will also be taking a field trip to the Neil Armstrong Museum in Wapakoneta. We just submitted essays for the Daughters of the American Revolution essay contest on the pros and cons of the Nineteenth Amendment.

6th Grade: Enjoyed preparing and sharing presentations on the Saints with the Kindergarten.

7th Grade: is continuing to focus on Early Colonization. We will be focusing on how the English settlers gained inspiration for representative government through the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights. Continuing with the study, we will learn how Enlightnment played a role in self-government: with the influence of Divine and Natural Rights. In Science, we are ending our atmosphere and wind unit with a wind power STEM challenge. Students are given the challenge to create a wind powered machine that can lift a cup with pennies in it. The team that creates the machine that can lift the most pennies wins the “coveted” Hershey bar! In 7th grade Math, we are beginning to work on percent problems. In 7th grade Religions, we spent last week (National Vocations Awareness week) learning about vocations and began a project to research different orders of Religious life. We also were able to have guest speakers, Mother Margret Mary (a graduate of HA) and Sister Faustina Maria from the Children of Mary. This week Brother Marsean (O’Leary) is coming in and we are presenting our religious order projects.

8th Grade: is beginning to learn about the Great Age of Invention between the late 1800’s-1900’s. Students will be selecting an American Inventor and creating a Google Slide presentation. Work/research will be completed in Social Studies and Computer. At the end of the 5 week assignment, they will share their presentations with the class. In Science, we are just finishing up our unit on electricity, magnetism, and electromagnets. They had an electricity challenge that really got their engineering minds working in which they had to create a circuit that had 3 switches, 3 lights, 1 battery. Each switch had to control either 1 light, 2 lights, or all 3. They quickly learned the frustrating fun of engineering. We have our electromagnet challenge next week which is always fun also! In Religion, the 8th graders were also able to meet with Mother Margret Mary and Sister Faustina Maria and will hear from Brother Marsean (O’Leary) today. They are also continuing with the Reason series with Fr. Amberger and towards the end of the week we will begin a chapter on the early saints of the Church.

6th Grade Science: We are starting Science Fair already. Getting ideas and learning how to research the information that we need to know. We are also studying minerals & mining. They had fun learning the costs and benefits while “cookie mining” and also learning how to identify different minerals found in our Earth.

5th Grade Religion, we’re studying about Original Sin and Adam and Eve’s fall from grace.

5th Grade Reading, we’re beginning a novel study on The Bridge to Terabithia. When we’ve finished reading the novel, we’ll watch the movie. We’ll compare and contrast the novel and the movie, and vote on which one was better.

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