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A Letter to Our Families

Dear Holy Angels’ Families: What a blessing each of your children is to us at Holy Angel’s School! I can never thank you enough for entrusting your child(ren) to us. I appreciate the fact that you realize how important a Catholic school education is. As the leader of the school, I’m hoping that our school is forming leaders who are empowered to transform a troubled world.

Striving for Excellence

In the 2017-2018 school year, I’m striving for Holy Angels to be a culture of excellence. Excellence is a school where students learn more, go deeper, and are motivated to apply their knowledge and skills to make the world a better place. Excellence is a classroom filled with the best materials and technology that support rigor and twenty-first century learning. Excellence is a building in which the highest academic standards are fostered. Excellence is a vibrant community where all students are welcomed, valued, and validated. Excellence is a teacher who genuinely loves the students, and works hard each day to help every child reach their highest potential. Excellence is a school community built on principles of love, compassion, and respect. Excellence is building the whole child, nurturing each student’s spiritual, academic, physical, and social development. Excellence is an orientation of the inner faith of life of each child, and helping that child embrace and grow their God-given gifts. I ask you pray for excellence throughout the school year.

Thank You for Your Contributions

All of you are important to the success of the school. Thank you for contributing so much. Whether it be doing homework with your child(ren), paying tuition in a timely manner, volunteering, or being messengers of the good things happen at Holy Angels School.

I appreciate your efforts, past, present, and future.

God Bless,
Beth Spicer, Principal

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Important Notes

One Call Communication Service

We will continue using the One Call Communication Service for the 2015-2016 school year. One Call Now is an automated service that allows schools to contact thousands of parents within minutes. We will use this service for delays, closings, etc. We also will email parents important school information. There will be a paper in the oldest and only packet to update your contact information.

Lunch Prices

  • Grades K-5 is $2.60
  • Grades 7-8 is $2.90
  • Milk is $0.50

To refill your student’s lunch account, please use the system.imgres

School Hours

School hours are 8:35 am to 3:10 pm. Your child is marked tardy after 8:35 and the doors to the cafeteria are locked. For your own child’s safety, please do not drop them off in the bus parking zone between the hours of 8:00 am and 8:30 am.


  • The number of students enrolled at Holy Angels School is 217 students.
  • Our school complies with the Decree on Child Protection as promulgated by the Archbishop of Cincinnati. Our fingerprinting policy includes manual fingerprinting for employees and electronic background checks for all employees and volunteers.
  • FYI: We will no longer be accepting ink cartridges/used cell phones. The company we use will no longer be providing us with this service. Thank you to all that have donated in the past.
  • ParentAccess for ProgressBook:
  • April School Committee Notes:

    Kindergarten: We are moving right along with all the standards that need to be taught in Kindergarten. I love when they bring a book to me, and ask if they can it to me! All year I have read books to them…now it’s my turn to be blessed by them. We have 2 more areas to learn in Math. This week we are studying shapes, and in a few weeks we will do measurement. There is a lot of excitement in my room, because we are having all the in-coming kindergarteners join us for a day of fun on Friday. It will be rewarding to watch mine be the Bigs to the Littles!

    2nd grade: was learning about other cultures and focused on Italy. We learned about the famous landmarks, their daily lives and their food. They are also very excited about getting closer and closer to First Holy Communion!

    3rd grade: Reading- Comprehension; Language- Adverbs and suffix -ion; Math- Picture graphs and bar graphs; Writing- Informative writing; Social Studies- 1st half of the school year; Science- Inherited traits; Handwriting- Cursive capital letters.

    4th grade: The 4th grade has been very busy with many projects and activities! In Reading, we read about Antarctica, and what llife there is like. Students were amazed it is the driest place on Earth! The class is listening to, and completing activities on, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, a wonderful story of the adventures of a China rabbit. In Social Studies, we are just starting our study of the Southwest. Students are learning so much about the USA! Many of them are excited to receive information from the states they wrote to earlier in the year. Students are also busy presenting their PowerPoints to the class about their state. This includes 9, or more, slides of facts and illustrations. Their research and presentations are amazing! In Language, we wrote books using alliteration. The excellent examples are in the entryway for you to examine (by my room). We also wrote poems for Spring, which are also on display. We started a door of kindness- Throw Kindness like Confetti!- in which the students place Post-it notes on the door when they do a good deed of kindness.

    5th grade: The 5th grade students are finishing their American Revolution timeline posters in Social Studies, and having their last DARE class this Wednesday. They will get to hear from a few Lehman Role Model students about how they make wise decisions with peer pressure present. Students will also begin the Honda program: World in Motion, next week. Student will experience the engineering process first hand with Honda engineers.

    6th grade: The 6th grade wrote letters and made a spring craft to bring to their Senior Pen Pal in nursing homes Tuesday. They also just had a Thank You pizza party courtesy of the Kempfer family for writing to the shut ins. They will also be heling their Kindergarten Buddies with Little sibs day this Friday. Ashlyn Hamblin, Samantha Sargeant, Ethan Stiver, and Emilee VanSkiver all participated in the district science fair at Edison State on March 10th, and all receieved superiors! Samantha went on to win the best in her category of animal sciences & $200, and an Ohio tuition grant scholarship for $250. Emilee won best display of data and $projects were judged with all grades 5-12. This is an amazing accomplishment for our 6th graders! They will be competing in the state competition on Sat., May 12th for additional scholarship and prizes.

    5th & 6th grade students will visit their senior pen pals on April 17th. They will go to Fairhaven, Dorothy Love, and Lane Park. They are excited to meet their pen pals.

    7th grade Science: Students are currently studying the effects that invasive species have on our environment locally and globally.

    8th grade Science: Students are finishing up their DNA unit, and had the opportunity to extract and see their own DNA. Meghan Chamberlin, Adith Joshua George, Michael O’Leary, and David Rossman all competed at the district science fair at Edison State on March 10th. Adith won the Ohio Water Environmental Science Award along with $200, and earned a superior. Michael and David also earned superiors. Meghan and Annie earned excellents. The superior students will also be able to compete at State on May 12th.

    Music Notes:

    Jr. High Choir presented the Spring Concert and Cancer Cares and Prayers program at Holy Angels on Thursday, April 12th at 9 AM, and 7  PM. The choir sang “The Journey,” “O Captain,” “I Can Only Imagine,” “Count on Me,” and “Sweet Caroline.” Student speakers were Adith Joshua George, Kate Stewart, and Sam Range. In “I Can Only Imagine,” the soloist was Annie Stiver, and the small ensemble group included Annie Stiver, Kate Stewart, Andrea Hughes, Kaitlyn Fortkamp, John Gagnet, Brandon Jones, and Kai Reese. The final song of the concert, “Sweet Caroline,” was a combined band and choir song. The Spring Concert included the Jr. High Choir, grades 5-8 band, and a grades K-8 Art Show.

    Kindergarten through 3rd grade students are learning Western instrument families and instruments.

    3rd and 4th grade students are learning songs for the OMEA All-State auditions.

    4th grade students are playing recorder music.

    5th and 6th grade students are learning the basics of choral sight singing, and are playing bells.

    6th grade students have the opportunity to sing in a 6th Grade Choir. The group meets on Wednesdays at 8 AM. Last Friday the group led the opening hymn at Mass in two part harmony.

    8th grade general music students are learning major scales, diatonic triads, and chord progressions, and are playing bells.

    Annie Stiver and Emilee VanSkiver are playing violins at Friday morning masses on most Fridays throughout the end of the year.

    Annie Stiver performed two solos at the OMEA Solo and Ensemble Contest at Marion Local on April 14th. She earned an Excellent Medal for her violin solo, and a Superior Medal for her piano solo. She is a piano and violin student of Mrs. Beigel.

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