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Holy Angels wishes you a
blessed 2016-2017 school year!

Holy Angels Catholic School: Over 100 Years of Excellence

Established in 1858, Holy Angels Catholic School is located in the heart of Sidney, Ohio. Since its inception, Holy Angels Parish and our parishioners have been dedicated to providing a Catholic education for their children.

For almost 100 years, Holy Angels School housed grades 1 through 12 until 1955 when Holy Angels High School (now Lehman Catholic High School ) was built. Since then, the school has continued its long tradition of providing quality education to students in grades K-8. In 1991, an expansion and renovation occurred which provided a separate wing for jr. high students, a computer lab, a science lab and cafeteria.

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8:30 AM – 3:10 PM


  • Kindergarten- The Kindergarten class traveled to Brumbaugh Fruit Farm on Sept. 23rd. A lof of learning took place, and a great time was had by all! We met with our 6th grade buddies on Thursday last week, and they helped us write in our garage door books about our trip. We have learned 6 letters this year. The Letter People have returned to Kindergarten to help learn the letters, and we are learning sign language for each letter. We are working on our litle show for the grandparents. I will share more about this next month!


    2nd Grade- Second grade celebrated Johnny Appleseed’s birthday by tasting different kinds of apples, reading several stories about him, and retelling his story with pictures and words. We are also preparing for Reconciliation, which will be received in November.


    3rd Grade- In third grade we have been working on the following:

    Math: Starting multiplication with factors 0, 1, 2, 5, and 9

    Science: Scientific method and tools that scientists use. Our third graders will be working with the 7th graders in a science lab showing the third graders how to measure.

    Social Studies: Finishing up talking about communities

    Reading: Comprehension strategies and the stories message

    Language: Run-on sentences, conjunctions, antonyms, etc.


    Mrs. Stiver (Science): I received $500 from the Copeland-Emerson grant for science lab supplies. I have rock and mineral identification kits, microscope slides of mitotic division, and a hot plate. Our supplies were getting dated so the new ones will be greatly welcomed! I have a remaining amount of $85 left that will  be used to buy consumable materials throughout the school year for lab activities.


    8th grade is beginning Stock Club.

    Religion: Starting Theology of the Body

  • We now have a new School Counselor. His name is Jesse Clark. In order for your student to speak with him, you must fill out the attached form and turn it back into the office.skm_654e16101815020