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Holy Angels wishes you a
blessed 2016-2017 school year!

Holy Angels Catholic School: Over 100 Years of Excellence

Established in 1858, Holy Angels Catholic School is located in the heart of Sidney, Ohio. Since its inception, Holy Angels Parish and our parishioners have been dedicated to providing a Catholic education for their children.

For almost 100 years, Holy Angels School housed grades 1 through 12 until 1955 when Holy Angels High School (now Lehman Catholic High School ) was built. Since then, the school has continued its long tradition of providing quality education to students in grades K-8. In 1991, an expansion and renovation occurred which provided a separate wing for jr. high students, a computer lab, a science lab and cafeteria.


8:30 AM – 3:10 PM

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  • Kindergarten- I’m delighted to be working with 5 and 6 year olds again! Their excitement for school is amazing and contagious! We are working on the routine of being in school, and we are doing a great job! The Letter People have returned to the Kindergarten classroom, and they love them! We are learning about pollination and apples as we prepare to go on our first fieldtrip to Brumbaugh Fruit Farm. It’s a day filled with learning and fun!


    2nd grade- We have been reading Tacky the Penguin books and trying to realize how special it is to be a different bird. We created our own penguin to reflect our individuality. Mostly we are trying to get used to a routine!


    3rd grade- We asked students to complete All About Me posters the first week of school to get to know our students better. Students enjoyed sharing these in class when they were finished. We have begun our study of the scientific method in Science and communities in Social Studies. In Math, we began the year by reviewing addition and subtration before jumping into our new Envision books. We are slowly introducing the students to multiplication, which will be a big focus in the coming weeks. In Reading and Language Arts, we have been working to get the students familiar with the AR process again, in addition to reading the books, Locked in the Library and The Case of the Runaway Dog, which are being read tis quarter in both rooms. To get students back into the swing of things and used to a routine again, we are using Class Dojo to motivate students to do well in our rooms. They really seem to enjoy it so far!


    4th grade- The 4th grade is studying all about Ohio, it’s landforms and early history. We are studying the Scientific Method in Science and learning how to observe nature. In Math, we are reviewing place value, as well as addition and subtraction. Students have  been busy with the new program, Reflex Math, which so far, they are very enthusiastic about. Hopefully, this program will improve their knowledge of basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In Reading, we are using the text to read an excerpt from Because of Winn-Dixie, which tells the story of a young girl who has just moved to a new town and has no friends. I will be reading the entire book to the class as well. We have a field trip coming up to learn about water and rivers through a program at UD, along with learning about dairy farms and how they affect our waterways. We also will be attneding Pioneer Days in early October.


    5th grade- We did Time Capsules in the 5th grade Language Arts classes. We’ll open them at the end of the year. We also did pictures about the Creation Story in Religion class. The 5th graders are loving the new interactive Science workbook series. Students are currently investigating the accuracy of weather predictions. Students are also studying ancient American civilizations and are creating ancient Aztec masks.


    Music- OMEA All-State Children’s Chorus announces audition winners! Last June Ryan Fitchpatrick, Grace Wiseman, Hannah Liening, Ashlyn Geise, and Anika Arcikauskas submitted auditions for the Ohio Music Educators Association (OMEA) All-State Children’s Chorus. Students across the state were selected based on the submitted recorded audtions. Congratulations to Ryan, Grace, Hannah, Ashlyn, and Anika who will perform in Cleveland with this select group in January 2017!

    911 Memorial Prayer Service- A chamber group (some students from the Junior High Choir) will lead a 911 Memorial Prayer Service directly following Mass on Friday morning, September 9th. Choir students will lead the student body in prayer, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and “America.”

    Junior High Choir Students Cantor at School Masses- Angelieh Behr, Liann Trahey, Max Schmiesing, and Andrew Ivey cantored at our Friday morning Masses on August 26th and September 2nd. A second group of students, Evie Olding, Sam Clayton, Annie Stiver, Jon VanSkiver, and Ryan Gibson will cantor on September 23rd and 30th.

    Grades K-8… are singing and memorizing “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “America.”